Happy Saint Patrick’s Day !

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day Weekend! I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph my gorgeous sister in law and her handsome fiance for a “lucky” themed shoot! They had so much fun together and I can wait to see them get married this fall. Enjoy their laughs + smiles and I’m sure you’ll see how “lucky” they are to have each other! XO, MorganSaintPatricksDaySaintPatricksDay-5SaintPatricksDay-11SaintPatricksDay-18SaintPatricksDay-26SaintPatricksDay-37SaintPatricksDay-51SaintPatricksDay-57SaintPatricksDay-63SaintPatricksDay-66SaintPatricksDay-72SaintPatricksDay-83SaintPatricksDay-88SaintPatricksDay-92SaintPatricksDay-101SaintPatricksDay-120SaintPatricksDay-127SaintPatricksDay-135SaintPatricksDay-145SaintPatricksDay-155SaintPatricksDay-159

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