Sherman + Caroline [A NC Wedding]

We had the pleasure to visit our dear cousins in North Carolina to witness Sherman and Caroline become husband+wife!! This weekend was absolutely gorgeous and you could just see Caroline beaming with joy as a beautiful bride. Congratulations to you both, may every day be filled with love and happiness! XO! NorthCarolina-26NorthCarolina-28NorthCarolina-32NorthCarolina-37NorthCarolina-41NorthCarolina-43NorthCarolina-46NorthCarolina-48NorthCarolina-51NorthCarolina-52NorthCarolina-54NorthCarolina-56NorthCarolina-59NorthCarolina-62NorthCarolina-65NorthCarolina-67NorthCarolina-78NorthCarolina-86NorthCarolina-99NorthCarolina-110NorthCarolina-117

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